MetroPest – Pest Control in Chelsea


Are you looking for the local specialists in pest control in Chelsea? Look no further than MetroPest. For many years, our team have been working extensively within the pest management industry with a diverse range of clients, many of whom would happily recommend our pest control services. In fact, 93% of our clients return to MetroPest in future when they require further help with a pest problem, which is a testament to the quality of our services and the reliability of our team.

From pigeon control to rodent management and everything in between, we offer a comprehensive range of services which can be tailored to every budget and requirement. Trust our team to take care of problem pests, and you can rest assured that all work we complete shall be of the very highest standard.

Efficient and Effective Bird Control in Kensington

There are a number of ways to manage birds when they become a nuisance at your property, and when it comes to bird control in the Kensington area, MetroPest should be your first port of call. From netting and spikes to a whole host of other highly effective techniques, we can find the perfect treatment for your particular bird problem, and can discourage these unwelcome visitors from your home or commercial premises in a few simple steps.

Rat Control Specialists

Rat control is important if you want to maintain a safe and rodent-free environment, and thanks to the quality of our rat treatments, there is no need to worry about these pests putting your health or the safety of your property in danger.

For pest control services which you can rely on in Chelsea, Kensington and surrounding areas, call MetroPest today on 0800 083 0183.