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For homeowners and commercial customers looking for pest control in Bermondsey, MetroPest should be your first port of call. We specialise in providing a range of quality pest control services which our customers can rely on, whether they require pigeon control, help with a rodent problem or their property has become infested by insects. Whatever the problem, we can provide a professional solution, so why not join our many satisfied customers by booking a survey today?

93% of our clients return to use our services again when they require further help with pest control, which is a testament to the quality of the services we can provide. Contact us now to see for yourself why these services are so popular with domestic and commercial customers alike.

Simple Yet Effective Bird Control

Birds can often be a pleasant addition to the landscape, but sometimes they can be more of a nuisance. From ever-unpopular pigeons to other pest species which have made themselves at home at your property, we can remove these pests from your premises before implementing a range of measures to deter them from returning in future.

Rat Control for Your Peace of Mind

Rats or mice are one of the most common pests, but rest assured that our rat control services are designed to provide a quick and effective solution to this common problem. In a matter of one to six weeks, your property could be rat-free thanks to the expertise of our team, so what are you waiting for? Call us today on 0800 083 0183 to arrange a quotation for our services in Bermondsey, or to learn more about the pest management solutions that our team can offer.